Traditionally, Yoga simply translates as ‘union’. The practise of Yoga seeks to settle the activities of the mind and to resolve the resistances or distractions that we may unite and connect with that deeper part of ourselves which is our true nature - our genius.


Isn’t Yoga A Physical Practise?


The Asana or ‘poses’ we commonly associate with Yoga exist to create space in the body so we can then move to create space in the mind without distraction.


The physical practise of yoga also incorporates the breath, or Pranayama practises, which seek to further harmonise the body and mind, by nurturing a steady flow of energy.


Yoga, a Modern Day Practise


The physical practise of Yoga is very useful for building a strong, healthy and flexible body and serves also to support our body’s functioning and posture. However to simply stop at the physical practise is to miss the greater wisdom of Yoga.



Private Classes

I teach private classes in your home, or at your workplace for small groups, or individually.

Yoga is accessible to everyone no matter your body, or experience level.


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