Remedial & Sports Massage

Give Yourself Permission to Rest Down


Any professional athlete will tell you that maintaining their long term performance, health, and reducing the risk of injury is directly linked to how they rest and recover their bodies outside of the hours of training.


Many of us may not be professional athletes but we punish our bodies in a variety of ways all the same. Massage is essential to support rest and recovery, helping to improve Your body’s health and longevity.


Useful too for stress management, massage helps to leave you feeling relaxed, calm and improves your sense of wellbeing.


What’s The difference?


Like a regular service to maintain the performance of your car, remedial massage supports the health and function of your muscles and joints. Helping to relieve stress and tension in the body related to headaches, back pain, neck and shoulder pain, injury, and poor posture. With focused attention at the point of issue and related areas, massage can help to improve blood flow and movement in muscles that have become tight and contracted.


Sports massage techniques are applied in both pre- and post-event scenarios to support the preparation and recovery of an athlete’s body. However regular remedial massage also plays an important role in the athlete’s ongoing health, maintenance, and ultimately, performance.


I will help you to better understand, and become more aware of your body and posture. I’ll work with you to identify possible triggers that may be creating tightness and pain. And I’ll provide you with guidance to help correct and restore greater health.


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