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“For many months I have struggled with clarity in my vision for my business. The lack of clarity led to a feeling of overwhelm and procrastination. I became paralysed by this indecision and unable to move forward. After a few consultations and guidance with Garth I have achieved a clear vision and direction. This has in turn led to renewed enthusiasm and more customers. I truly do not know where I would be without Garth’s support. He has an amazing ability to listen, understand and filter through the clouded thinking. I would recommend Garth to people who feel stuck or stagnant in life or in their business. Those who are really ready to soar" ~ Lynda

"Thank you SO much Garth for yesterday. So Grateful for your support and understanding; I don't always feel heard, and you give me that respect, thank you. 

I felt energised, pain free and the nausea went after I saw you. I was much more aware of my body and felt more grounded in myself. I'm learning to listen to and trust in my own wisdom. 

Thank you. I look forward to continuing on this road to wellness with your support." ~ Trish

“Garth has helped me enormously to put things in to perspective during a stressful period in my life. He draws from wide experience and a unique set of skills to really support and guide people.

Helping me to focus on my nutrition, sleep, exercise and movement, rest and recovery, I’ve developed and now sustain habits that better support my energy and sense of wellbeing. I feel clearer about whatever may be on mind, and with a refreshed energy to face the day.

As a massage therapist Garth is the best I have encountered anywhere.  His massage sessions leave me feeling fantastic, both physically and mentally; and as a Fitness Coach & Yoga teacher he has flexibly and safely guided my improved sense of strength, balance and energy.

I would highly recommend Garth to anyone who wants to get clearer & improve their health, fitness, and wellbeing.” ~ Lyn

"Garth’s massage is awesome! I have returned on several occasions, with a tangible increased sense of well-being and relaxation being a consistent result.  Garth targets areas where extra attention is crucial and never fails to give it his all.  His massage is deep, thorough and incredibly effective, the endorphins really start to flow; I always leave feeling great! Thanks Garth, I’ll be back." ~ Andrew

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