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Synenergy Wellbeing - What's It All About?

I see genius in everybody. I see the power in each of us to live in the fullness of our own truth and authenticity. Genius ~ 'attendant spirit present from one's birth; one’s innate ability or inclination' Each of us possesses a unique and priceless gift that no one else has but us. To not share that light with the world renders us small and robs us of our wholeness; it also leaves the world a little less bright and full. Awareness of our own genius and seizing it is the trick! I’m driven by that which nurtures each of us to realise our own greatness and embrace it!

What supports our truth, our strength, and our wholeness; and what stands in the way and suppresses

our genius? I’ve always had a deep inner drive to create but have so often been blindsided by the stories of ‘not good enough’ and ‘don’t know enough’ to maintain the momentum of my creative process. For much of my life I have been quietly seeking a greater connection in the world; a greater connection with myself and with my purpose. I have attained knowledge and fulfilment through study and work but always my creative urge has nagged at me. As I have lived in greater truth and authenticity so too has the path forward become clearer, and more creative. Syn[en]ergy Everything is connected. When we support the health and wellbeing of all aspects of our life; and focus on more of what we want rather than what we don’t; we begin to create a direct path and connection to that which is our innate ability - our genius!

Clarity! I’m motivated by that moment of clarity that comes when the barriers drop away and the way forward suddenly becomes clear.

As a mentor and coach I help people recognise, and then remove the obstacles that prevent them from being in flow, while nurturing clarity and connection with their genius! The seeking of wisdom and clarity is not a passive process it demands work of us. Work that oftentimes sees us looking deep into the fog of our own self-doubt and confusion. That’s where I come in! Whatever the challenge, whatever the resistance, we need our thoughts and ideas heard out loud so they can be reflected back with greater cohesion. I support this process for YOU! Qualifications & Experience:

I never thought myself a ‘people person’ but oddly my entire working life has been focused on people and supporting their happiness. Over the years, various roles in hospitality all focused oNamasten the enrichment of the customer experience. Responsibilities in different management and leadership positions developing robust, connected, and effective teams all helped develop my strong communication and relationship-building skills. However, feeling trapped in unhealthy circumstances with my life in hospitality, I was driven to begin study in 2001 to complete Diploma’s in Sport Therapies, and Remedial Massage. This new direction fuelled a deep respect for the body, and its intimate connection with the mind. I then went on to complete qualifications as a Nutritionist, and Yoga Coach, consolidating my capacity as a Fitness Coach and qualified Personal Trainer. My purpose through Synenergy Wellbeing is simply to promote and facilitate a more full and connected experience in the world for all of us.



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