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SMART Health & Fitness Goals!

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Happy New Year!!

So here we go, resolutions are set!

You’ve bought new running shoes and you’re going to run a marathon!

You’ve got a new bike and going to join the club and cycle every day!

You’ve signed up for that gym membership and you’ll do a different class every day!


You’ve discovered THE diet that is finally going to shift those unwanted kilos!

That’s great well done you! You’ve got this!

Now I don’t mean to dampen your spirit or sound negative, I really do believe that you can achieve your goals and be your fittest healthiest self in no time; but…. The reality is that we so often fall over when it comes to change and especially when that change is wrapped up as a news years resolution.

So how can we approach the process of change differently to ensure a greater chance of success?

It’s likely at some point you’ve come across the idea of SMART goals.

SMART is simply an acronym defining 5 criteria that together provide a framework for helping to clarify one’s goals and improve success!

So, in context of achieving your health and fitness goals?

Here’s some quick tips applied to the SMART principle.

S: Specific & StrategicWhat do you want to achieve & how will you achieve it?

  • Break bigger goals down into smaller goals, it’s easier to achieve bite-sized goals more quickly.

  • Want to run a marathon, how about just getting comfortable with running 4km first?

  • Start by creating a solid foundation on which to build.

M: MeasurableHow will you know you’ve achieved your goal, what will be different?

  • What will it mean to you, not anyone else, when you achieve your goal? Be awesome for you first!

  • We all have different measures of what success means. Set milestones to aim for and cross off as you reach them.

  • Every effort no matter how small, gets you closer to achieving your goal. Each milestone is a goal reach, celebrate it!

A: Attainable & AchievableIs your goal practically achievable? What are the realistic hurdles that you will face?

  • You can achieve running a marathon but, get clear on the hurdles you're likely to encounter?

  • e.g. How much time to you have to train? Can your lifestyle really accommodate long hours of running and all the related nutrition, recovery, sleep etc.

  • What are you prepared to compromise for your goal, how hard are you prepared to work, how disciplined will you be considering all of life’s other demands? Remember that foundation? Start small and grow your goals from a solid base.

  • Break big goals down into small goals. Don’t set yourself up for failure, plan for success! Get clear on what is actually achievable and if you need help ask for it.

R: Relevant & RealisticAre you comparing yourself to others, is your goal relevant and realistic to you?

  • This is a big one. We all fall into the trap of unconsciously comparing ourselves to… and competing with others.

  • Join a group, get your friends involved to help achieve your goals, even share in a goal, just remember you may have different ideas of success; maybe just finishing the marathon is enough?!

  • Be inspired and motivated by others; but run your own race!

T: TimeWhat time frame will you give yourself to achieve this goal?

  • Apply the first 3 criteria to this.

  • Be Specific with your time frame.

  • Measure it, have a finish line to focus on.

  • Is the time-frame actually Attainable for you, accounting for the inevitable hurdles?

  • Is the time-frame Relevant & Realistic to you? If you're new to running maybe you need to give yourself more lead in time before your first event?

  • Celebrate your success! Plan an event or a party to aim for and keep you focused so you don't loose sight of the finish line!

Syn[en]ergy – the combined achievement of many small goals reaps the greatest reward!

Think about what it is you really want and make a clear plan for success.

Good Luck! You've got this, I believe in you!

Want help getting SMART on your goals for greater health and fitness success? Get in touch!

I help people everyday get clear on what they want and achieve their goals!

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