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What Are Your Non-Negotiables?!

(5 minute Read)


What Does Wellbeing Look Like For You?

I ask this because I’d like you to imagine yourself when you’re at your best. What is it like when you’re your most calm, kind, effective, loving, productive and balanced self?

How does it feel when you are less affected by the stressors around you and you’re able to stay calm, focused and centred in yourself?

What do you notice around you and within yourself when you’re in this more balanced state? Is it easier to practise empathy and kindness; do you find relationships easier to navigate; are you aware of a greater sense of joy?

What Are Your Non-Negotiables?

If you’ve read any of my other blogs so far you’ll know that I’m not advocating perpetual 24/7 happiness or that that is even possible. What I’m passionate about however is creating a lifestyle and practises that support and strengthen our wellbeing so we can more effectively respond to the challenges of life without losing that place of balance and centeredness.

When you feel overwhelmed, out of control, off track or out of balance what do you notice around you? What happens to your energy, your focus and your ability to be kind and calm in the world? Do the things that you love, that fill you up and bring joy begin to slip?

I often have people seeking my help to steer them back on track with those areas that have begun to slip because they know inherently that those things keep them balanced.

Here’s my advice…. Establish and look after your basics of health and wellbeing so to properly nourish and energise yourself. These are your non-negotiables. The things that you can affect that have a positive impact on your wellbeing and support the best version of yourself so you can in the best way possible be in, and respond to the world around you!

From here everything else begins to flow!

My 6 Non-Negotiables!

These are the things that nourish and sustain me; that help me be in, and of the world at my best. Not attending to these practises is no longer an option for me.

If I don’t give time and space to supporting each of these things in some way each day I can slowly watch balance and awareness falter in my world. My moods degrade and my temper shortens; my energy lapses as my focus and productivity wane; I begin to feel lacklustre and notice my sense of happiness slide as my perception of difficulty in the world increases.

  • Plenty of Quality Sleep ● Clean Wholefood Nutrition

  • Exercise & Activity ● Yoga Practise

  • Time in Nature ● Meditation & Reflection

Everything is A Practise!

​Your non-negotiables are a practise that requires your active attention. You won’t get it right all the time, don’t worry, that’s why it’s a practise. But the clearer you get on the things that cultivate and help sustain you in a happier, healthier and more balanced state then the easier it is to commit to your practise!

It will be a win for you and all those around you.

Good luck!

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