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Busily Addicted!

(3 minute Read)


Life’s Busy!

It’s said… if you want something done, ask a busy person and they will make it happen! When we’re productive and kicking goals we’re in the zone, the endorphins are running high! But how do we stay effective in the zone and not spiral out of control ending up in a heap?

The Symptoms of Addiction

I love being busy, I’ll admit it. I’m no good at sitting still; I don’t even own a couch! However, I know when I’m heading towards that inevitable crash. My sleep begins to suffer from too much time in front of the computer and phone; I start dropping things and walking into walls with fatigue; exercise becomes a draining chore rather than an energising joy; and my patience and mood start to wane. I notice my jaw clenched, and I begin to feel rushed, less effective, and my capacity for creativity suffers.

These are the symptoms of busy; the warning signs that the addiction is beginning to take hold and that the inevitable crash is coming. The good news is that if we’re aware of the signs then we have the ability to more quickly respond and prevent a crash.

Detoxing from Busy

Those feel good endorphins that are released as part of our biological stress response; that’s right despite what you may think busy equals stress, attach to the same receptors in the brain as morphine. The addiction to busy is a biological one as much as anything.

We also live in a culture where ‘busy’ is glorified and aligned with success. Slowing down and nourishing ourselves is not a well-supported path.

However like an athlete if you want to stay competitive and injury free rest and recovery must be an integral part of your plan for success.

So how do we do that in a busy life? It begins with balance and going back to the fundamental basics of good health and wellbeing. Make time to support yourself. Take small simple steps to improve the quality of your sleep; enjoy and nourish yourself with healthy, wholefood nutrition; make exercise easy, walk out the door and keep going; and create time each week to put busy to the side and rest.

Sleep is the only opportunity our bodies have to physically recovery and repair. Nutrition provides the building blocks for recovery and literally fuels our energy. Exercise supports not just our physical body but our mental wellbeing as well. Rest, time away from all that keeps us busy gives us space and the necessary perspective to keep everything in balance and our priorities clear.

What’s the Reward?


  • A clearer and more focused mind!

  • Increased energy!

  • Improved motivation and inspiration!

  • Calmer and happier!

  • Better health!

  • More ease in your relationships, work, and life!

  • You’ll feel like that well-oiled machine again, back in the zone of efficiency and not spiralling out of control.

Don’t wait for the crash to happen; make the foundations of good health and wellbeing a daily practise of an ongoing lifestyle and keep moving forward. Be Awesome!


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