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When our efforts are supported by the embodiment of a high energy system; encouraged with clarity and purpose; and guided by connection with our innate genius we develop an acuity and effectiveness that our achievements are all the greater!


Synenergy Wellbeing supports You in cultivating and embracing Your purpose.

By helping to amplify Your fullness, in body & mind, and to address the resistances that prevent connection with a life that is meaningful to YOU!


Garth. Synenergy Wellbeing. Male Yoga Teacher. Male Nutritionist. Male Fitness Coach. Mentor. Coach

Hello! I’m Garth


I see genius in everybody. I see the power in each of us to live in the fullness of our own truth and authenticity.


Genius ~ 'attendant spirit present from one's birth; one’s innate ability or inclination'


Each of us possesses a unique and priceless gift that no one else has but us. To not share that light with the world renders us small and robs us of our wholeness; it also leaves the world a little less bright and full.


Awareness of our own genius and seizing it is the trick!


I’m driven by that which nurtures each of us to realise our own greatness and to embrace it! What supports Your truth, Your strength, and Your wholeness; and what stands in the way and suppresses Your genius?


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I would love to hear from you.

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Phone: (+61) 0410 530 676

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